For an accident, the lawyer to call is Chris Beard.

During the last four decades, Chris has handled a wide variety of cases — from motor vehicle accidents to amusement park and electrical box explosion cases.  For example, here are some noteworthy results from his broad experience.

Every case is different, and the outcome of one case, certainly does not suggest the same result for any other situation.

  • Trip and fall by worker over toolbox of copy repair man involving a traumatic cyst formation in claimant’s back ($100,000.00)
  • Electrocution, involving wrongful death, at electrified water fountain in front of restaurant and bar, in suit brought against business and patrons ($1,100,000.00)
  • Personal injury of student during boat accident in Mexico against school sponsoring foreign trip (Jury verdict after trial of $517,000.00 in damages– new trial granted, case settled for confidential amount)
  • Wrongful death, family and personal representative of victim mistaken for home invader killed by co-tenant – action against landlord for failure to introduce co-tenants ($1,800,000.00 awarded in damages by court)
  • Electrocution of a worker due to faulty wiring ($1,450,000.00 total from others)
  • Water safety accident by patron for amusement park ride involving a water tunnel slide ($100,000.00)
  • Slip and fall with surgical injuries by customer from water that had fallen off roof that froze ($237,500.00)
  • Product liability claim against maker of camera (endoscope) used in surgery, the source of the spread of bacteria, with a DNA match ($300,000.00)
  • Electrocution involving worker at construction site who was using jack hammer which came in contact with underground high voltage line, settlement and workers’ compensation award ($275,000.00 plus benefit)
  • Electric shock of worker who came into contact with undisclosed voltage line in electrical box ($70,000.00 plus $25,000.00 in worker’s compensation benefits)
  • Electric shock, cafeteria worker came into contact with electrified stove from defective repair of adjacent appliance due to water collection ($35,000.00 plus workers’ compensation benefits of $108,900.00)
  • Medical malpractice involving surgical error during an elective hysterectomy when surgeon perforated the large bowel causing complications due to spread of infection ($350,000.00)

         “Hands-on” Knowledge of Litigation

During the last forty years, Chris been engaged in the general practice of law and, in particular, the litigation of civil and criminal cases in the District and Circuit Courts.  Initially much of the work involved criminal, personal injury and domestic cases, including many families with modest financial resources.

During the 1980s, he began practicing law in Annapolis, Maryland assisting the general counsel for the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and the Anne Arundel Community College.  At that time, he appeared in court on a variety of educational matters and providing the defense of workers’ compensation claims made against the school system.    He was also assigned cases by the firm to defend for MAIF and Underwriters Insurance Co. including jury trials.

Since 2001, for victims of negligence and defective products, he has handled a larger variety of cases in advance civil litigation with significantly larger damages claims involving accidental mishaps, such as electrocution, electric shock and an electrical explosion, which has continued to be a major part of his practice.

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Selecting the best lawyer

For more than four decades, Chris has handled accident cases, and electrocution and shock cases in particular. Determining the cause of action and advocating for damages is not an area for a general practice civil attorney. Accidents may involve a slip, trip, fall or something at work. Causation must be established, as well as medical documentation obtained of one’s disability from work.

Many of these cases are special in many ways and require in-depth experience. Proven strategies developed over many years of experience are crucial for these kinds of cases.

Reaching the best outcome

Injuries occur in traffic or at hotels, construction sites, restaurants, or a variety of other locations.  Preserving witness information and key evidence is crucial. Automobile accidents can involve careful study of each intersection, sign, and vehicle in a collision. Call or text Chris at (667) 200-0703 for a free consultation.