Supporting a Legal Case after an Accident – Early Steps

In the first call, the client should be advised by a lawyer to preserve the evidence.  Here are the steps. Take photographs of the scene of the accident whether it involves vehicles or the place of a fall or other event.  Also, take photos of the vehicles or product involved in the cause of injury.

Collect on paper all the records of the officer, statements, and contact information — of the parties.

Write down all of the details as memories fade with time.

Collect your insurance information, including all coverages and policies.

Before speaking with an insurance representative of the other party, call me — do not speak with anyone from the other side where the conversation is being recorded.  You will not receive a copy of the conversation or even remember the exact details as time passes. If you did give a recorded conversation, write down everything that was asked of you and said to them.

Keep in safekeeping all of your medical records.  Keep a diary of the ways the injury has affected you.

Call Chris Beard, at 667-200-0703.  He can assist you.  You will be glad you did.